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Editor/contributor: Carson Risser

Carson graduated from Guilford College with a degree in English and East Asian Studies. She now works as an assistant copy editor in NC. Carson has studied abroad at the Niigata College of Art and Design and International Christian University in Mitaka, Tokyo. Carson wrote her thesis as a series of creative essays on Japanese popular music, some of which were published on this blog. She loves Shiina Ringo, the Alien franchise, and baked potatoes.

Contact: carsonrisser@gmail.com

Contributor: Zack Leal

Zack’s first close encounter with Japanese rock music began at the early age of 10 when he received a used version of the compilation album Fool on the planet by the pillows as a souvenir from Japan. After many years soul-searching with message board communities, online radio stations and more, Zack is here to share his thoughts and experiences. From witnessing the rise of some of the most talented bands to date to contributing to online shows with music playlists to inspire new fans, you know there’s got to be a story there. Zack is a graduate from the University of Houston with two bachelor degrees in English and Fine Arts and in his free time enjoys painting, traveling, and creating music of his own filled with the inspiration he finds daily through discovering old and new bands on YouTube.

Japan Jukebox/Zack’s Master Japanese Pop/Rock Playlist / Contact: zackleal@msn.com

Contributor: Taylor Murnane

Taylor has always been in love with music, and her interest in Japanese culture came from discovering anime at a very young age. Her interest in anime quickly changed to an interest in all aspects of Japanese culture, leading her to major in Japanese studies at the University at Albany, SUNY. A semester abroad at Waseda University in 2015, during which she went to probably too many live shows, inspired her both to start her Japanese music blog, Goodbye Subculture, as well as leading to a desire to live in Japan after graduating from university. Taylor is currently studying and living in Tokyo for a second time.

Taylor’s twitter / Goodbye Subculture / Contact: goodbyesubculture@gmail.com

Contributor: Nathan Nicolau

Nathan’s love of jazz started when he first heard Louis Armstrong’s recording of “St. Louis Blues” at fourteen years old. Since then, he has diligently researched the genre both past and present. His other passions include Japanese art & film. He currently attends the University of North Carolina School of the Arts School of Filmmaking, where he is receiving his B.F.A in Screenwriting. He collects too many Criterion movies and vinyl records.

Nathan’s film blog / LinkedIn / Contact: nathanjnicolau@gmail.com



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