Upcoming Release: Charisma.com – Aidoro C


Japanese electro-rap duo Charisma.com announced today that they will be releasing a new mini-album on March 2, 2016. The title is Aidoro C [Love Mud C?], and there will be two editions: the 8-track normal edition, and a Tower Records version with different artwork and a bonus track. They will both sell for 2,000 yen, plus tax.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Supliminal Diet (possibly a typo, with the intention of subliminal, or a pun, combining supplemental with subliminal?)
  2. Honenuki Ni Koishite (Fall in Love with Having no Backbone)
  3. Koshikake Rappu (Bench Lap/Rap)
  4. PH4
  5. GODcustomer
  6. Toushindai Guree (Life-Size Grey)
  7. Berusassa (People Who Go Home Right With the Sound of the Closing Bell – a slang term first popular in the 1980s, used to refer to students or workers who, instead of going shopping or playing on the playground, go straight home at the end of the day)
  8. Jido-ru (Self-ie)
  9. Buta (Pig) (Tower Records Bonus Track)

Normal edition:


Tower Records edition:


Note: As usual, this group has more puns and plays on words than one can shake a stick at. If you notice something has been mistranslated or has an additional meaning, please comment below.

New Music: March 2015

Newly Arrived:

Kojima Mayumi – On the Road (Instrumental)


Photo courtesy of kojimamayumi.com

Singer-songwriter Kojima Mayumi released an instrumental version of her 2014 album On the Road. Without Kojima’s distinctly modern vocal hooks, the music sounds all the more surf-rock, complete with ’60s-esque rumbling rhythm and Fender guitar.

VAMPS – BLOODSUCKERS (International Version)

Longtime collaborators Hyde and K.A.Z. rereleased their band‘s fourth album in an international version. Three of the tracks from the original (“Ahead” – now titled “World’s End” – “Vampire’s Love” and “Get Away”) have been rerecorded in English. The prolific rockers will be supporting SIXX:AM on tour in the US all through April.

Polysics – HEN AI LET’S GO!


Photo courtesy of polysics.com

If Polysic‘s 7-track mini-album proves to be as enthusiastically bizarre as any of their previous releases, fans of their precise musicality and unapologetic weirdness will no doubt be satisfied. The crunchy guitar of “Last Potato Memories” is punctuated by high-pitched “Hoo!”s, while “Dr. Pepper!!!!!”‘s relentless drumming feels decidedly punk layered beneath a singsong chorus reminiscent of the Powerpuff Girls end theme.

Japanese Music News & Links – 1/26/15

Upcoming Concerts

Slap guitarist and singer Miyavi announced a newly-rescheduled Los Angeles concert for February 18. Tickets are $27.50.

Visual kei artist Kamijo (formerly of Lareine, New Sodmy, and Versailles) announced two North American dates for his 2015 world tour: one in Los Angeles on June 4, and one in New York City on June 6. Tickets go on sale February 1.

Upcoming Releases

Shiina Ringo is releasing a new single on February 25, to be used as the theme song for the drama series ○○Tsuma. The two-track disc will include the new song, “Shijou No Jinsei” (A Life Supreme), and the b-side “Donzoku Made” (To the Very Bottom). A 90-second preview for the new single can be heard on YouTube. The CD can be pre-ordered on websites like HMV. The CD is 1080 yen, including tax.

Momoiro Clover Z and Kiss’s will release their collaboration, “Yume No Ukiyo Ni Saite Mi Na” (Try To Bloom in a Dream of the Floating World), on January 29. The CD can be pre-ordered on websites like HMV. The CD is 1350 yen, including tax. There is also a special edition available, which includes a Blu-Ray of the music video but excludes the third track, “Samurai Son.”

“Welcome to the sugar” – Noise band ZZZ’s video for “dystopia”

Two months ago, Japanese post-punk / no wave trio ZZZ’s released a music video for their song “dystopia,” from their EP prescription. The video is a collaboration with visual artist and VJ Mamiko Kushida. The all-female band, which formed in 2011, has been featured in Tom Tom Magazine, and was named by Thurston Moore as one of his 2012 favorites on the Matador Records blog. They have just finished recording with Jonathan Kreinik as of October 2014. Updates on new releases and shows can be found on their Facebook page.

Upcoming Concerts: Shonen Knife

While there is a 13-hour time difference from the Land of the Sun, finding live Japanese music in North Carolina is not impossible. Here is one such concert coming up this week.

SHONEN KNIFE (with Pipe)
The Pinhook – Durham, NC
Thursday – 9/25/14

The Ramones-influenced band that Kurt Cobain loved plays punk in NC. Going on almost 35 years since their inception, the all-girl band released the album Overdrive just this year. Chapel Hill-based punk veterans Pipe open. Doors at 8, show at 9. Tickets are $12-14.