Upcoming Release: Chirinuruwowaka – Kimi No Mirai Ni You Ga Aru



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Guitar-driven trio Chirinuruwowaka has announced their eighth album: Kimi No Mirai Ni You Ga Aru (There is Business in Your Future). To be released on May 10, the album features 7 tracks.

“We aimed for the feeling that the images you see in your mind are as though you are watching a beautiful movie,” said vocalist and guitarist Yuu, quoted on music website Natalie. After the album is released in May, Chirinuruwowaka will embark on a national “OctopusTour.” However, before touring, the band has announced two dates of “Chirinuruwowaka Kai Vol. 4” to premiere the new album before the CD is released. These will be on April 29 at Shindaita FEVER in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo and May 3 at America-Mura FANJ Twice in Chuo-ku, Osaka. The venues will also feature advance sales of the album. Ticket information can be found on Chirinuruwowaka’s website here.



Image courtesy of natalie.mu


  1. Dolce
  2. Creature
  3. Ikari No Fudesaki (The Tip of the Brush of Rage)
  4. Haru Wa Achira (Spring is Over There)
  5. Shidarezakura (Weeping Cherry Tree)
  6. Ukitsu Shizumitsu (Floating and Sinking)
  7. Kuusou Toshi (Daydream City)

OctopusTour 2017:

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Upcoming Release: Chirinuruwowaka – Kimi No Mirai Ni You Ga Aru

Introducing: Walkings

Did you miss Japan Nite this year? No worries: RokkuPanku has got you covered. We’re writing a series of introductions to the bands on the 2017 tour, so you can still find the freshest new artists on the circuit. First up: Walkings.

Walkings is a three-piece garage rock band that formed in 2012, playing the Rookie Stage at Fuji Rock Festival in 2015 and releasing a 7-track full-length album in 2016 (which you can buy on iTunes). Over the past three years, the band has released demos, live recordings, and covers on their SoundCloud and YouTube, but since the release of their self-titled debut they have been taking the stage in Japan and America alike.

The blues of Walkings are heavy – low guitar and bass buzz and hum through single “Muda” as well as “Saraba Ending,” a 96-second track in which Takada Fu’s falsetto verses off-set the crunch of his guitar. In “Flying fly,” Takanashi Takashi’s steady cymbal crashes paint a background for distorted screams and stuttering riffs. And Yoshida Hayato’s wry basslines in tracks like “Rock” feel like they’re winking at the audience. This is the kind of fun you’re gonna have if you see us play.

For updates on Walkings’ whereabouts, keep up with their social media below.


Walkings Website / Twitter / Facebook / SoundCloud / YouTube

Introducing: Walkings