Upcoming Release: Chirinuruwowaka – Kimi No Mirai Ni You Ga Aru



Image courtesy of natalie.mu

Guitar-driven trio Chirinuruwowaka has announced their eighth album: Kimi No Mirai Ni You Ga Aru (There is Business in Your Future). To be released on May 10, the album features 7 tracks.

“We aimed for the feeling that the images you see in your mind are as though you are watching a beautiful movie,” said vocalist and guitarist Yuu, quoted on music website Natalie. After the album is released in May, Chirinuruwowaka will embark on a national “OctopusTour.” However, before touring, the band has announced two dates of “Chirinuruwowaka Kai Vol. 4” to premiere the new album before the CD is released. These will be on April 29 at Shindaita FEVER in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo and May 3 at America-Mura FANJ Twice in Chuo-ku, Osaka. The venues will also feature advance sales of the album. Ticket information can be found on Chirinuruwowaka’s website here.



Image courtesy of natalie.mu


  1. Dolce
  2. Creature
  3. Ikari No Fudesaki (The Tip of the Brush of Rage)
  4. Haru Wa Achira (Spring is Over There)
  5. Shidarezakura (Weeping Cherry Tree)
  6. Ukitsu Shizumitsu (Floating and Sinking)
  7. Kuusou Toshi (Daydream City)

OctopusTour 2017:

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Upcoming Release: Chirinuruwowaka – Kimi No Mirai Ni You Ga Aru

New & Upcoming Japanese Music – 2/12/15

Newly Arrived:

Violetta Operetta

Image courtesy of aliproject.jp

On January 21, ALI PROJECT released their (approximately) 31st full-length album Violetta Operetta, continuing their legacy as a decades-active classical-pop duo. The orchestral LP includes 5 original compositions, 4 variations on songs by classical composers, and a cover of the early Kate Bush track “L’Amour Looks Something Like You.”

Charismatic jazz vocalist Nakano Yoshie, better known as one half of ska-jazz group EGO-WRAPPIN’, released her second solo album on January 14. Titled Madokei (Window View), the CD strips down to the simple, with only a few instruments (mainly piano) backing ballads and urgent mantras alike. Nakano’s characteristic simplicity, playfulness, and scatting abound.

Coming Soon:

Sebastian X‘s performances seem driven by joy. Even in the more somber “Kokoro” (Heart), Nagahara Manatsu’s voice trembles with bright emotion as the piano falls like rain. Their upcoming mini-album of the same name will include 5 original tracks and a remix of the lead single by Parkgolf. Look for it on March 11.


Image courtesy of Miyavi on Facebook.

Hot off success from his first movie role as Watanabe Mutsuhiro in Unbroken, Miyavi returns to the music scene on April 15 with The OthersLittle about the album is known right now, but the phrase “guitar rock dance music” was included in the announcement. Here’s hoping this means we can expect something decidedly groovy from the guitar hero in the spring.

Super-duper electro-pop group Sugar’s Campaign are unleashing their cheery ’80s vibe onto the world with their debut full-length, Friends. Satisfy your sweet tooth on January 21, courtesy of Speedstar Records.

In just a matter of days (February 18, to be exact), electronic duo Capsule will release the new album Wave Runner. If the newly revealed “Another World” and album preview are anything to go by, Capsule appear to be moving to a style of EDM more influenced by the western scene, unlike even their last album, 2012’s CAPS LOCK. It will be interesting to witness their evolution, and thankfully, we don’t have long to wait to hear it.

New & Upcoming Japanese Music – 2/12/15