Upcoming Release: Natsuko Miyamoto (Mass of the Fermenting Dregs) Announces Solo Album

Image courtesy of Pia Kansai.

Fresh off Mass of the Fermenting Dregs‘ first physical release in 7 years, the single “Slow-motion Replay,” singer and bassist for MOTFD, Natsuko Miyamoto, has announced her first solo album.

Titled Namami, the 9-track CD will be released in May through FLAKE SOUNDS. According to an interview with Miyamoto on Pia Kansai, he tracklist is as follows:

  1. Hitogomi [Crowd]
  2. EIM -everyday is monday-
  3. Warau Hito [Laughing Person]
  4. Uta O Utaeba [If You Sing a Song]
  5. delayed brain (NUMBERGIRL cover)
  6. Shijima To Kabe To Yami [Silence and Walls and Darkness] (Qomolangma Tomato cover)
  7. Slow-motion Replay
  8. Re: Tantantan
  9. decision

The last three tracks have all been released in some form before: Miyamoto’s solo take on “Slow-motion Replay” is the b-side for the single, and “Re: Tantantan” is another take on a different MOTFD song, which she released on her Bandcamp along with the solo track “decision.”

You can follow Mass of the Fermenting Dregs on Facebook here.

Listen to Natsuko Miyamoto’s solo version of “Slow-motion Replay” below.


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