Upcoming Release: Togawa Jun – Watashi Ga Nakou Hototogisu

Togawa Jun has announced a self-covers album to commemorate her 35 year anniversary as a singer. Titled Watashi Ga Nakou Hototogisu [I, a Cuckoo, Will Sing], the collection will be released on December 14. A promotional video featuring the album’s new arrangement of “Akai Sensha” [“Red Tank”] was included with the announcement.

In addition to 9 self-covers, the album will include 1 new track, Togawa’s first release under her solo name in 12 years. This song will take the same title as the album, “Watashi Ga Nakou Hototogisu.”

Other than Togawa’s vocals, the self-covers will be arranged and performed by the band Vampillia, with whom Togawa had previously collaborated on the song “lilac” from their album the divine move.

Tracklist (links to original tracks where available):

  1. Akai Sensha [Red Tank]
  2. Mushi No Onna [Pupating Woman]
  3. Suki Suki Daisuki [I Like You, I Like You, I Love You]
  4. Nikuya No You Ni [Like a Butcher] (epilepsy/flashing warning on link)
  5. Men’s Junan
  6. Dotou No Ren’ai [Raging Waves of Love]
  7. Teinen Pushiganga [Spiritual Awakening Pushiganga]
  8. Juu Ni Kai No Ichiban Oku [The Dead Center of the Twelfth Floor]
  9. Babara Sexaroid
  10. Watashi Ga Nakou Hototogisu [I, a Cuckoo, Will Sing]

You can pre-order the album from Virgin Babylon Records as well as amazon.co.jp.

Further reading: amass.jp, aramajapan.com

*The word “hototogisu” refers not just to a cuckoo, but to the species known as the lesser cuckoo. This bird, found in Japan, is known for its song, according to Wikipedia.


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