Upcoming Release: ALI PROJECT – A Kyuu Kaigenrei


Prolific classical-pop duo will be releasing a new album, A Kyuu Kaigenrei [Class A Martial Law], on August 24, 2016. There will be two different versions. The CD + DVD version, as pictured above, will contain 10 tracks, plus a DVD showcasing 9 songs from their 2015 performance at the now-closed Shibuya Public Hall. The CD-only version will not come with a DVD, but the CD will include a bonus track: a new version of “Mousou Suizokukan” [“Delusion Aquarium”], the gently chaotic dance track originally included in ALI PROJECT’s 5-song 2001 release CLASSICS.

A Kyuu Kaigenrei tracklist:

  1. Eikyuu Kaigenrei [Eikyuu Era Martial Law]
  2. Ishu Kakumei [Heterogeneous Revolutions]
  3. Barabi To Yuriyasushi No Fushigi Na Hoteru [Beautiful Rose and Gentle Lily’s Miraculous Hotel]
  4. Zekkyou Tetsugaku [Philosophy of Screams]
  5. Saigo No Bijutsukan [The Last Art Museum]
  6. Showa B Kyuu Gete Kuidou [Showa Era Class B Bad Way of Eating]
  7. Onna Kasei Bugaku Zu [A Bugaku Scene of a Woman’s Metamorphosis]
  8. Madara Koi Tsubaki Gedou
  9. Ashiki Shinka [Evil Evolution]
  10. Nakimushi Ha Dari [Dali’s Faction of Crybabies]

ALI PROJECT will be touring Japan in support of the album come fall. The tour, entitled “Shitagawarazu Mono Kuu Bekarazu” [“He Who Does Not Work, Neither Shall He Eat”*], consists of the following dates:

October 26: Sendai Rensa

November 1: Nagoya Club Diamond Hall

November 2: Namba Hatch (Osaka)

November 3: Fukuoka Drum Logos

Tickets go on sale on September 10 and can be purchased online in Japan from e+.

Pre-order the album: HMV cdJapan amazon.co.jp

If you have any insight for clearer translations, corrections, or additional information, please comment below.

*Thank you Galen for the translation of the tour name.

Upcoming Release: ALI PROJECT – A Kyuu Kaigenrei

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Release: ALI PROJECT – A Kyuu Kaigenrei

  1. Galen says:

    The name of the tour, Shitagawarazu Mono Kuubekarazu, means “He who does not work, neither shall he eat”. Maybe someone wants to know 🙂

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