Upcoming Release: ALI PROJECT – A Kyuu Kaigenrei


Prolific classical-pop duo will be releasing a new album, A Kyuu Kaigenrei [Class A Martial Law], on August 24, 2016. There will be two different versions. The CD + DVD version, as pictured above, will contain 10 tracks, plus a DVD showcasing 9 songs from their 2015 performance at the now-closed Shibuya Public Hall. The CD-only version will not come with a DVD, but the CD will include a bonus track: a new version of “Mousou Suizokukan” [“Delusion Aquarium”], the gently chaotic dance track originally included in ALI PROJECT’s 5-song 2001 release CLASSICS.

A Kyuu Kaigenrei tracklist:

  1. Eikyuu Kaigenrei [Eikyuu Era Martial Law]
  2. Ishu Kakumei [Heterogeneous Revolutions]
  3. Barabi To Yuriyasushi No Fushigi Na Hoteru [Beautiful Rose and Gentle Lily’s Miraculous Hotel]
  4. Zekkyou Tetsugaku [Philosophy of Screams]
  5. Saigo No Bijutsukan [The Last Art Museum]
  6. Showa B Kyuu Gete Kuidou [Showa Era Class B Bad Way of Eating]
  7. Onna Kasei Bugaku Zu [A Bugaku Scene of a Woman’s Metamorphosis]
  8. Madara Koi Tsubaki Gedou
  9. Ashiki Shinka [Evil Evolution]
  10. Nakimushi Ha Dari [Dali’s Faction of Crybabies]

ALI PROJECT will be touring Japan in support of the album come fall. The tour, entitled “Shitagawarazu Mono Kuu Bekarazu” [“He Who Does Not Work, Neither Shall He Eat”*], consists of the following dates:

October 26: Sendai Rensa

November 1: Nagoya Club Diamond Hall

November 2: Namba Hatch (Osaka)

November 3: Fukuoka Drum Logos

Tickets go on sale on September 10 and can be purchased online in Japan from e+.

Pre-order the album: HMV cdJapan amazon.co.jp

If you have any insight for clearer translations, corrections, or additional information, please comment below.

*Thank you Galen for the translation of the tour name.



  1. The name of the tour, Shitagawarazu Mono Kuubekarazu, means “He who does not work, neither shall he eat”. Maybe someone wants to know 🙂

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