Music You May Have Missed: July 2015

In Music You May Have Missed (MYMHM), we cover the new releases from Japanese musicians that may have slipped past your radar, and deserve a second look.

Sakerock – Sayonara

With influences from hard rock, jazz, Latin, and more, after being active for 15 years, Sakerock have decided to call their era of instrumental rock and roll over. Back in April, they released their final album, Sayonara. The soft energy of these last ten tracks easily serve as a soundtrack to summer, and signify the final, joyful musical explosion of a great band.

Salyu – Android & Human Being

Salyu has an origin of almost mythic proportions. In the early 2000s, she gave life to the fictional, ethereal pop singer idolized in the film All About Lily Chou-Chou. A few years later, she made her debut as a true-life vocal artist. Her easily identifiable voice layers over soft electronic beats, a new dance music far away from the electronic and acoustic mystery of her origin, but just as quietly haunting.

Shishido Kavka – K5

Drummer-singer Shishido Kavka has been gaining some well-deserved traction over the past two years since the release of her single “Love Corridor.” Her unapologetically pop tracks, paired with her skill as a long-practiced drummer, make her a talent to watch. – OLest

The most vicious office lady MCs in the business are back, releasing their major debut after two independent mini-albums. The distorted, catchy synths of their previous CDs, paired with MC Istuka’s reputation for brutal attacks on Japanese society (the title of their first major single was the simple, but effective, “HATE“), made this mini-album one of our most anticipated releases of the year.

[Want to know more about Itsuka and Gonchi’s perspective on culture, politeness, and Japanese rap music, and get a taste of what their live shows are like? Check out MTV81’s subtitled interview with here.]


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