New Shiina Ringo single – Arikitari Na Onna


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The first single from Shiina Ringo’s upcoming album, “Hi Izuru Tokoro,” was released this week. Entitled “Arikitari Na Onna” (Ordinary Woman), the official Universal Music Japan announcement reads:

The “Ordinary Woman” who is unexpectedly made to stand on that empty stage called “life.” From girl to lady, to becoming a mother, this is a song that energetically, vibrantly cuts the ties that bind life together. [Rough translation; please comment if you have a better understanding of this phrase.] Delicately and powerfully, the band ensemble releases a maddening array of glitter and produces a heroine.

As the song begins, it resembles the fairly slow songs Shiina has performed recently (such as “Ima” and especially the ballad “IT WAS YOU“), but soon reveals it is something else entirely – “Arikitari Na Onna” is punchy, with sharp piano matched with masterful percussion and a solid band, while Shiina’s vocals are stronger and more versatile than ever.

It is available for download from the Japanese iTunes store. It can also be heard on Tumblr.

UPDATE 10/9/14:

The short version of the music video is posted below.


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