New Shiina Ringo Album Announced – Hi Izuru Tokoro

Yesterday on her official website, it was announced that Shiina Ringo would release a new album on November 5.

What follows is a rough translation of the official announcement.


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Shiina Ringo is currently preparing for a November-December arena tour, entitled “Ringo Baku ’14 – Toshionna No Gyakushuu –,” [Roughly, “Ringo Expo ’14 – The Woman of the Year’s Counterattack –”] but has decided before that, on November 5, to release a brand new original album, long-awaited by music fans. The title is “Hi Izuru Tokoro.” [“Land of the Rising Sun,” i.e., Japan.]

Along with seven newly-written songs, the album will include “Ariamaru Tomo” and “Carnation,” “Jiyuu E Michuzure” and “NIPPON,” which gave color to this year’s World Cup, and, to tie everything up, a total of 6 songs released after 2009 that were never collected on an album, resulting in 13 tracks.

For the first press edition, newly-collected bonus footage will be included (DVD, Blu-Ray). Along with music videos (MV) that hadn’t been collected until now, a new video for “Arikitari Na Onna” (Ordinary Woman) will be included.

After 5 years, this is Shiina Ringo’s fully realized album, “Hi Izuru Tokoro.” Please look forward to it.


First press edition with Blu-Ray – 4,968 yen

First press edition with DVD – 4,212 yen

Normal edition (CD only) – 3,240 yen

The Blu-Ray/DVD will include 6 music videos: “Ariamaru Tomo,” “Carnation,” “Jiyuu E Michuzure,” “NIPPON,” “Irohanihoheto” and “Arikitari Na Onna”



  1. Shizuka Naru Gyakushuu (A Quiet Counterattack)
  2. Jiyuu E Michizure (TBS drama “Ataru” Theme Song – 2012)
  3. Hashirewa Number (Number, Run!) [Tentative romanization – the wa in “Hashirewa” is in smaller font, and may be pronounced differently]
  4. Sekidou O Koetara (If You Cross the Equator)
  5. JL005 Bin De (On Flight JL005) [JL005 is a New York to Tokyo flight]
  6. Chichin Puipui [A magic word” in Japanese, like “abracadabra.” Also the name of a popular news show on MBS TV]
  7. Ima (This Moment)
  8. Irohanihoheto (Fuji TV drama “Kamo, Kyouto E Iku. – Shinise Ryokan No Okami Nikki –” Theme Song – 2013)
  9. Arikitari Na Onna (Ordinary Woman)
  10. Carnation (NHK series “Carnation” Theme Song – 2012)
  11. Kodoku No Akatsuki (Shinnekohan) (Lonely Dawn (Shinneko Version)) (NHK E TV “SWITCH Interview – Tatsujintachi (Experts)” Theme Music – 2013)
  12. NIPPON (2014 NHK Soccer Theme – 2014)
  13. Ariamaru Tomo – (TBS Drama “Smile” Theme – 2009)


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The new single “Arikitari Na Onna” will be released on October 1.

To precede the release of the new album “Hi Izuru Tokoro,” the new song “Arikitari Na Onna” will be released on October 1 (Wednesday). You may be able to hear the fragments of the world that is present in “Hiizuru Tokoro.” It’s a certain hit.


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