Love Songs and Screaming Emotions: Seiko Oomori’s PINK

PINK cover

A singer-songwriter armed with acoustic guitar, angst, and a penchant for blatant honesty: in Oomori Seiko’s debut release, PINK (2012), a dichotomy of feminine colors and extreme emotions is at war.

Reminiscent of Max Bemis’s delivery, the lyrics are as raw and unadorned as the mostly-acoustic arrangements. Every so often, a piano or second guitar makes an appearance, but for the most part, it’s Oomori’s voice that commands attention. Her bizarre whine is reminiscent of ‘80s pop superstar Togawa Jun, and the same appearance of darkly false innocence is present in Oomori.

The most notable song on the album is the rawest of all, the title track, “PINK.” With adamant desperation, Oomori sings,

Watashi ga shoujo ni nareru you ni, pinku-iro wo kure
So I can be a girl, give me the color pink

The song appears to be another typically heartrending tale of unrequited love (if any of these songs can be called “typical”), until Oomori appears to lose control of the melody, cursing and ranting against the unnamed subject of the song. The gentle guitar chords halt until the final screams of her rant, and she quietly ends the song by telling the cause of her anguish, “Thank you, farewell.”

Mini-Album Tracklist:

1. Kirakira (Sparkling)
2. Party Dress
3. Coffee Time
4. Ochawan (Rice Bowl)
5. Sayounara (Farewell)

You can purchase PINK from Amazon here.


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